CREF Testimonials, Reviews, & Evaluation Results

CREF testimonials and CREF reviews
CREF testimonials and CREF reviews

It’s the best meeting, the #1 choice. We rotate in our practice to attend!

CREF is the strongest meeting year in and year out. Always pertinent to the practice of our profession.

Love this meeting!I travel from Ohio and it is always worth the trip. The information and inspiration is fantastic. Regardless of the venue, I plan to attend this meeting for years to come.

I have so much to bring home. Thank you for the opportunity to listen to a team from the best.

CREF is the best meeting for perfusionists. I haven’t been for two years, and I've missed it. The organization, content, everything is superior.

— John H.

I found [CREF] helpful because it provided me with tools and ideas . . . [to] take back to my program and utilize right then . . . not some hypothetical research that had yet to be justified by time and use. . . . I look forward to returning next year.

— Curt K.

I am looking forward to your meeting. It is always one of the best. Being back in San Diego is an added bonus.  

— Mary E.

What a great conference CREF is! It has changed my view of perfusionists and the entire team.

— John L., Hong Kong

The downtown San Diego CREF is one of the best meetings in the country.”

Thank you for decades of great educational content for the whole cardiac surgical team.

I like that there are a variety of vendors and exhibits [at CREF], and that there are hands-on things to do compared to other meetings.

CREF validates my practice because I see what others do vs. my work.

Good job staying away from bias!

Refreshing to attend a meeting where plenary talks are SCIENCE, not SALES.

This conference is a GEM and addresses so many issues that enhance my practice.

Very organized and well-run conference with an excellent array of speakers, topics, and accommodations.

I heard only good things about CREF until I attended, and I was not disappointed!”

I’ve been coming since the 80’s. CREF has really helped my professional development and given me pride in the profession.

I think it is by far the best meeting available to perfusionists.

Excellent! Always a great learning opportunity.

CREF reviews and testimonials
CREF reviews and testimonials and evaluation results
CREF testimonials and CREF reviews
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