CREF Hybrid Registration Options

CREF hybrid registration options include in-person and online attendance to accommodate the individual needs and preferences of our participants.

We know that nothing beats attending a live meeting because the experience can lead to memorable interaction with course faculty and other attendees, thought-provoking discussions and fireside chats, detailed exploration of new technologies, meaningful exchanges with exhibitors about new products, and more. And who can overlook the fun of waking up early for a 5K run or grabbing a drink with an old — or new — friend and colleague?

In-Person and Virtual Conference Registration

However, sometimes attending a conference in person isn't an option, which is why CREF has added a virtual alternative to the live 40th Anniversary Cardiothoracic Surgery Symposium celebration. The CREF hybrid meeting will be live-streamed through the Zoom platform, offering you a chance to earn Category 1 CEUs and CME credit at home.

Learn More About CREF Registration Options

For more information about your CREF registration options, view our In-Person Conference Registration page or our Virtual Conference Registration Page.

If you have questions about your CREF hybrid registration options, please contact us. We look forward to seeing you, either in person or online, in September!