CREF Product Theaters

CREF Product Theaters (PTs) give you a chance to explore commercial products and services that can shape your work environment, improve your practice, and promote better patient care. At CREF PTs, dine with friends and colleagues and discover the benefits of employing advanced technology, best practices, and specialized services.

Attend CREF Product Theaters to:

  • Gain practical understanding of products and services related to your practice
  • Hear about some of the latest findings in CPB care
  • Observe demonstrations of innovative equipment and technologies
  • Obtain hands-on experience with products related to your profession
  • Hear answers from key experts and industry representatives

PTs are organized independently by their industry hosts, and registered attendees pay no additional charge to attend. Because seating is limited, some CREF Product Theater hosts request pre-registration. See below for descriptions and specific instructions for each PT offered at CREF 2018. And remember to return to this page to learn about PT updates and new links to PT registration sites.

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View details below, and contact us if you have questions about any of the following CREF Product Theaters.


6:45 – 8:00 AM

Terumo Breakfast Product Theater:
Engineering the Next-Generation Oxygenators to Deliver Powerful Performance


CREF Product Theaters - Terumo Speaker KomorowskiSpeaker
Benjamin Komorowski, CCP Emeritus
Terumo Cardiovascular Systems

Terumo is excited to introduce the next generation in oxygenators, the CAPIOX® NX19 Oxygenator with UltraPrime™ Technology.  During this breakfast session, you’ll learn how design innovations result in Terumo’s smallest, most advanced adult oxygenator uniquely engineered to deliver improved clinical outcomes and powerful performance.

© 2018 Terumo Cardiovascular Systems July 30, 2018.
Terumo® and Capiox® are registered trademarks of Terumo Corporation.  UltraPrime™ is a trademark of Terumo Cardiovascular Systems.


12:00 – 1:30 PM

Medtronic Lunch Product Theater:
Watch, Listen, Build, Test, Improve, Repeat! How Human Factors Science is Integral to Product Development


CREF Producty Theaters Medtronic Speaker CassidySpeaker
Paul E. Cassidy PhD
Principal Human Factors Scientist

A practical overview of human factors engineering and its critical role in the design of medical devices and systems will be presented. A brief history of the field of human factors engineering will be given, and its evolution into a key discipline in the medical device industry will be discussed. To promote awareness amongst health care practitioners, a brief overview of the newest human factors and usability engineering regulatory standards will also be presented. With this as the backdrop, Dr. Cassidy will discuss the role of human factors engineering in the product development process and he will provide examples of how he applied the science of human factors and ergonomics to the design and engineering of a new cardiovascular medical device.

The overarching objective of the talk is to promote awareness of the immensely important need for healthcare practitioners to collaborate with human factors scientists in the medical device industry. By doing so, this reciprocal relationship will help companies best understand their users’ needs and ultimately help research and development teams develop new, innovative, and even safer medical devices and systems that provide patients the best outcomes possible.