CREF Product Theaters

CREF Product Theaters (PTs) give you a chance to explore commercial products and services that can shape your work environment, improve your practice, and promote better patient care. At CREF PTs, dine with friends and colleagues and discover the benefits of employing advanced technology, best practices, and specialized services.

Attend CREF Product Theaters to:

  • Gain practical understanding of products and services related to your practice
  • Hear about some of the latest findings in CPB care
  • Observe demonstrations of innovative equipment and technologies
  • Obtain hands-on experience with products related to your profession
  • Hear answers from key experts and industry representatives

PTs are organized independently by their industry hosts, and registered attendees pay no additional charge to attend. Because seating is limited, some CREF Product Theater hosts request pre-registration. See below for descriptions and specific instructions for each PT offered at CREF 2017. And remember to return to this page to learn about PT updates and new links to PT registration sites.

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Product Theater Schedule


1. Getinge Group Lunch Product Theater: Q & A and Discussion for Hands-On ECLS Workshop Participants

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM | PLAZA ROOM | 2ND FLOOR

Attendees must be preregistered for the Hands-On ECLS Workshop to participate in this Product Theater.


2. Terumo Cardiovascular Breakfast Product Theater 1: Red Cell Recovery – Bowls, Controversy and the Latest in Continuous Autotransfusion 

7:00 – 8:00 AM | PLAZA ROOM | 2ND FLOOR

Presenter: Robert C. Groom CCP

Pre-registration not required – Breakfast served to first 125 attendees.

Please join Terumo CV Group for breakfast, as Bob leads a revealing discussion on autotransfusion and how it may play a role in your patient care strategy.

  • Understand the history of cell recovery as it relates to cardiac surgery
  • An overview of the evolution of autotransfusion technology
  • Controversies associated with cell salvage in cardiac surgery
  • Inappropriate uses of autotransfusion systems

3. Eight Medical Breakfast Product Theater 2: Eight Medical Recirculator 8.0 for Intra-thoracic and Intra-peritoneal Hyperthermia Lavage Procedures

7:00 – 8:00 AM | SANTA FE ROOM | 2ND FLOOR

Presenter: Tracy Hurtt

Breakfast will be served. Sign up now!

Our leading technology, the Recirculator 8.0, is FDA-cleared and CE-approved medical device designed specifically for Intraperitoneal Hyperthermia and Intrathoracic Hyperthermia. Reliable, mobile, easy to use, the Recirculator is equipped with a disposable reservoir (no waterbath) allowing improved safety for the patient and the OR staff.

4. Medtronic Lunch Product Theater: Autotransfusion in Non-Cardiac Procedures – Approaches to Enhance Your Practice


Presenter: Bruce Bjelland, Global Transfusion Solutions

No sign up required – Lunch served to first 200 attendees.

Join us for lunch and an engaging discussion of the use of Autotransfusion and the resulting positive difference in patient outcomes. Bruce is an industry leader who has focused his career on the advocacy and growth of Autotransfusion.  He is passionate about bringing  the use of Autotransfusion to more patients in more procedures, through medical professional training and public awareness. Bruce has previously managed within Specialty Care the Autotransfusion work of 32 clinicians at 17 hospitals, along with recertification training for CEU credits for clinicians at many hospitals around the US.

In the Autotransfusion community there can be a type of neutral or anti-autotransfusion teaching about use of autotransfusion in  non-cardiac procedures. In recent years, Bruce has altered his teaching to re-educate physicians and nurses that there are more than enough conclusive studies to promote the use of cell salvage in OB and other non-cardiac procedures. Hear how Bruce, through education and training, has successfully transformed the use of Autotransfusion, and how you can bring this into your practice.


5. Legally Mine Lunch Product Theater:A Healthcare Professional’s Keys to Locking Out Lawsuits 

12:15  – 1:15 PM | PLAZA ROOM | 2ND FLOOR

Presenter: Art McComber

Learn how to structure your practice for lawsuit protection and prevention, how to protect your professional and personal assets from lawsuits, reduce your malpractice insurance costs, how to protect your retirement plans from judgements and seizures, and how to minimize vicarious liability for the acts of other professionals and staff.


  • Maintain the focus of their medical practice on improved patient care rather than malpractice defense.
  • Structure their practices for lawsuit protection and prevention, improving overall operations management of the practice.
  • Protect practice and professional assets from lawsuits through applied risk management techniques, improving and enhancing fiscal efficiency.
  • Understand basic practice management tools that can help increase practice revenue as well as decrease unnecessary loss of revenue also improving and enhancing fiscal efficiency.