CREF Workshops and Hands-On Workshops Simulation Sessions

CREF Hands-On Workshops: A Feature of “Attendee-Choice” Afternoons

CREF hands-on workshops — a meeting highlight since 2006 — provide experiential education, a welcome break from PowerPoint presentations, and additional CEUs — at no added cost:

  • “[Workshops were] by far the best educational experience. Hands on great.”
  • “Another great meeting! I love the hands-on workshops.”
  • “I like that . . . [at CREF] there are hands-on things to do compared to other meetings.”

Offered during attendee-choice afternoons, workshops repeat so that participants may attend as many as they wish. Below are brief descriptions of three workshops offered this fall:

1. Perfusion Protocol Workshop

Shahna HelmickLed by Shahna L. Helmick CCP, this CREF hands-on workshop will cover all aspects of protocol creation, beginning with Standard 1 of AmSECT’s Standards & Guidelines. Participants will discuss how to create a protocol based on professional standards and guidelines, what important bullet points to include, who needs to approve it, and more. Educational objectives include the following:

  • Learn how policies are developed, updated, and distributed at several centers
  • Study examples of departmental policies
  • Discuss resources being developed by AmSECT

The workshop is designed for all levels: those who have never written a protocol but wish to develop one, those who have one in place but need help with administrative issues, and everyone in between. Attendees are encouraged to arrive with questions, concerns, and comments.

2. Medtronic ECMO Oxygenation Workshop: Your Mission Is Our Mission.

Experience the next generation in ECLS Technology. During this CREF hands-on workshop, you will learn about unique features, design rationale, and game-changing innovations present in our next-generation ECLS technology. This workshop will include presentations on product design along with hands-on opportunities.

3. ECMO Systems Workshop

E. Daniel WhiteheadThis hands-on CREF workshop, led by E. Daniel Whitehead MHS CCP, will offer an overview and unbiased evaluation of the leading ECMO systems commercially available in the United States. Whitehead will review the features of these ECMO devices and analyze their benefits and drawbacks. Attendees will have ample time to experiment with each device and interact with workshop participants to discuss their experiences using the various systems.

Preliminary CREF Program Available

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The CREF advance program is now available online at Have a look to see how expertly the CREF Program Committeehas crafted a conference agenda to satisfy your educational and social needs.

Scholarship Nominations Due June 1

Perfusion Graduates Compete for the Swain Scholarship
CREF is accepting applications for perfusion student scholarships to attend CREF 2019. Scholarships are available to all active perfusion students and recent graduates.

If you are a perfusion student / recent graduate or you know one who might be interested in applying, visit our website for scholarship application guidelines.The deadline to apply is June 1, 2019.