CREF COVID-19 coronavirus 2020 conference

CREF understands that the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak continues to dominate our daily news, and it remains at the forefront of our concerns and conversations.

Above all, the CREF Program Committee and staff want to assure you that keeping you, your family, and your patients safe and well is our top priority, and it guides our every planning decision during this difficult time.

CREF Coronavirus Preparation

Though the 40th Annual Cardiothoracic Surgery Symposium is still months away, we recognize that no one can predict the severity or duration of this pandemic. As a result, we are preparing viable options for delivering your educational content should the coronavirus outbreak disrupt this year’s conference:

  • Hybrid Event: The event would proceed as planned, and content would also be livestreamed to individuals unable to attend.
  • Webinars: If our speakers are prohibited from traveling, they would deliver content via a web-based streaming platform.
  • Postponement: If necessary, we will reschedule the event to a later date.

Registration Policy Changes

Based on the above information related to COVID-19, CREF conference registration policy revisions go into effect immediately:

  • Any registered CREF attendee may cancel without penalty before September 2 and receive a full refund.
  • If CREF must cancel this year’s live event, registered attendees may elect to transfer their registration to (1) a web-based alternative or (2) the next rescheduled live conference.

What’s Next?

The Program Committee continues to plan this fall’s meeting and will have a draft agenda available soon. We promise to keep the communication lines open.

We’re all in this together. Let’s flatten that curve!