Why CREF Rescheduled the 2020 Meeting

The CREF Planning Committee has decided to reschedule our 40th anniversary meeting to next year, September 22 – 26, 2021. It will be held at the same venue, the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina, and in the same meeting space.

Why Reschedule CREF?

Rescheduling instead of cancelling CREF 2020 is our most responsible and financially viable option. Here’s why:

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CREF & COVID-19: What You Should Know

CREF understands that the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak continues to dominate our daily news, and it remains at the forefront of our concerns and conversations.

Above all, the CREF Program Committee and staff want to assure you that keeping you, your family, and your patients safe and well is our top priority, and it guides our every planning decision during this difficult time. Continue reading “CREF & COVID-19: What You Should Know”